Toti Soler, Catalan Guitar

  • Posted on: 16 August 2013
  • By: admin

Toti Soler is one of the most important guitarists and composer in Spain. Both the psychedelic side with the electric guitar in the early seventies as a pioneer in the fusion between flamenco language, the mediterranean sound, classical style and then he built a style that has been called Catalan Guitar. During the days of BCNmp7 that took place at the CCCB in Barcelona we saw the importance and impact of this great artist.

Toti Soler, guitar
Arnau Figueres, percussion


Get to Màquina! plays Màquina!

  • Posted on: 10 August 2013
  • By: admin

To see the effect and impact of Màquina!, one of the most important formations in the development of rock in Spain, we recover the original repertoire of this legendary band. For this milestone was mounted Get to Màquina! which brought Màquina! original member as Jordi Batiste and Emili Baleriola with musicians of other generations, among whom were members of Asimetric and others. An experience that was a hit with audiences and critics. All this happened in the theater of the CCCB of Barcelona during the days of BCNmp7 dedicated to progressive rock of the seventies in Spain.

Manolo Bolao Tribute "No puedo estar sin ti"

  • Posted on: 8 July 2013
  • By: admin

The special vinyl edition of the album "Manolo Bolao Quartet" (Bolao-Collection / Petit Indie) presented at Espai Xocolat of Palma de Mallorca. The edition of this work was to pay tribute and memory to one of the pioneers of the electric jazz guitar in Spain, Manolo Bolao. For this occasion, besides Bolao claim the figure of his disciples and friends gathered to version some songs. In this case it is "No puedo estar sin ti" (Can't be without you).

Vicente Amigo, Tierra

  • Posted on: 5 April 2013
  • By: admin

In World 1 Music (106) I had the opportunity to interview Vicente Amigo in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. While he was scratching the guitar strings we talked about his latest work, Tierra, an album that goes beyond flamenco and where Amigo, once again proves that his language is universal and transcends borders. Furthermore, in this work, Amigo had a the collaboration of the great Guy Fletcher (Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Roxy Music, Tina Turner ...) and regular collaboratiors of Fletcher: Dunny Cummings, Donald Shaw ...